Lucha Libre

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Now introducing....the undisputed belt holder, the King of Crema, purveyor of rich and bold flavors, non-stop satisfaction morning or night,, cold,.... blended with adult beverages or alone in a doppio drop kick....LUCHA LIBRE!!!!  

Grown at 1000 to 1200 meters in Chiapas Mexico, this high grade / low defect bean is muy bueno at any roast levels.

Roast it up on the dark side to enhance the sweet chocolates and hazelnut or on the lighter side to bring out the sweet fruit notes.  Or, find the perfect body-slamming balancing point with a medium Full-City Roast for complete balance.

Prime attributes: Hazelnut, chocolate, fruits / melons

Recommended double-shot espresso dosing recipe:

Dose: 20 grams

Yield: 40 grams

Time: 30 seconds

Recommended drip coffee recipe:

Ratio:  1: 16 (Coffee/Water)   For every gram of coffee, use 16 grams of water

If you don't have a scale, use approximately 1 Tablespoon of coffee for every 4 ounces of water.

Adjust to taste preferences.  

12 oz